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Bliss is mine, Bliss is mine,
A Shaheed I have become, O my family.
Do not heal my bleeding injury,
Bury me with my weapon.
My killing is for this Deen’s victory.
How could you forget me, O my friend?
Stand, my brother, and complete what I started #FREESyria #FreeGaza #FreeEgypt #FreeBurma

Our problem is that we go to the creation when we should be going to the Creator

Yasmin Mogahed (Via- the-hijabi-life-chose-me)




smile! you look cute xoxo


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The day I can say, when it is prayer time, “I want to go pray” as opposed to “I need to go pray” is a day on which I will claim my victory.

Mount Rainier National Park, Kevin Russ


Take a minute before you sleep to talk to Allah in salah, even its just one raka’ah of witr. Talk to Allah in your sujood, tell Him about your fears, complain to him about your problems no matter how big or small (Allah’s the only one who will never think they are stupid and who will always understand and be able to help), build a relationship with your creator and remember that you will soon return to him.