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Bliss is mine, Bliss is mine,
A Shaheed I have become, O my family.
Do not heal my bleeding injury,
Bury me with my weapon.
My killing is for this Deen’s victory.
How could you forget me, O my friend?
Stand, my brother, and complete what I started #FREESyria #FreeGaza #FreeEgypt #FreeBurma



Smh, don’t believe everything you read.

Tfoooooo till western media brainwashing all the Muslims.


"Sheikh Osamah is an inspiration to every soul who yearns for martyrdom and Islam. His name sticks to every word of jihad. Sheikhol mujahideen, Osama Ibn Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden - in the hearts of the green birds" 💚


Do Bigha Zamin (1953)

You’re a man, but the day you raise your voice to your mother, you’re not anymore.

Tariq Ramadan
From the collection: Tariq Ramadan Quotes
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the only saying on earth that has the power to make you step back and take a good look at what you gained, and not what you lost. (via iqranazir)

Ya Amir ul Momineen


ان شاء الله ❤️


ان شاء الله ❤️


The solutions for all of your problems lies in memorizing the Qur’an, understanding it, and practicing that which it teaches you.

My experience in Makkah

Praying behind sudais! Is such a blessing wallahi! Like tears just start flowing out of no where. You can feel the khusho in salah. And than when you make taslim (say salam) after done praying. The first thing you see is the kabaa! Than tears start flowing again. It’s an amazing experience! Everyone who hasn’t been to umrah! Please make it possible to go before u do hajj. Just so u know wat it’s like…Alot of paitence, is all I can say! People will push you like no tomorrow. People will be so sweaty and touch and rub against you. and smell so bad. But you can’t say nothing. You just have to keep your mouth shut. Becus you came for ibadah not to be comfortable… You really struggle a lot. But with all the blessings that you see. You will appreciate every ounce of struggle that has been placed upon u, Making tawaaf is a struggle when there is a lot of people, coming and leaving to the masjid is a struggle, the food, the sickness, bathroom. So many things. But once you enter the masjid and see the kabaa you forget everything! It’s a huge stress reliever! Alhūmduillāh, Nothing in this world can ever come close to comparison. This feelin I cannot express, I’m just wondering how jannah is like! subhān-Allāh